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If you have enough space and time to be working out from home, you are in the right place. Fit Treat is offering various group and individual online classes. 

My goal is to ensure you keep up your regular practice to the same high standards provided in the studio environment. We’ve moved into the exciting space of live online group and private sessions. 






Booking: Please contact me via email to book your class. Just choose how many times per week you want to train, and you can combine the days according to your needs.


Your session: Group sessions: Join us on Zoom 5-10 minutes before the start of your session. 

Download Zoom here. Sessions start and run strictly to time.


Payment: The first online training is free. Payment is due until the 15th in the current month. View our price list for online sessions. 


Studio disclaimer: All clients training with us need to fill out our disclaimer before attending any online sessions. Sessions are practiced at your own risk.

Fit Treat provides an empowering way to maintain your overall physical and emotional health, strengthen your immunity, reduce stress and enhance daily life. Take this time to reconnect with yourself.

You will need the following:

  • A room or outdoor area with enough space to lay out a mat.

  • A mat, a towel or any other type of bolster

  • An internet connection 


Download our guidelines: on how to get the best out of your online session.

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